Thursday, April 26, 2012


I picked out my picture, paper, ink, stamps, tape, and ribbon ( I've been wanting to use this forever) before I got started. I wasn't too sure about which letter stickers I would want to use yet.  

 First I cut the ribbon to the size I wanted, then the paper. I glued those on along with the picture. Put the tape in place.
When I started this page I picked out white ink. I thought it would show better than it did (which was barely), so I picked out the pink ink instead.
 You can tell these pictures were taken during different parts of the day, since the lighting is do different. haha
Anyway, added more ribbon, tape, and stamps. :)

After that I wrote down the poem I wanted to use, added the title, her name, and I drew a border. (shown in bottom picture).

Its a really simple layout that I love. By the way, the last photo is the best photo for the colors.

breathe her in
let her tiny fingers curl around yours
watch the rise and fall of her deep sweet slumber
dream her dreams
give her hope
remember her toes,
her eyelashes,
her baby noises.
in these moments,
in her light.
She has already changed yours. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

magic kingdom

This is the first 12x12 page in my DW album for the Magic Kingdom. Kaylee loved being on the ferry ride and seeing Cinderella's castle as we arrived the park. Kaylee had an appointment for a princess makeover, so right after we got off we headed straight to the castle for it. 

Shimelle posted a lot of challenges over the weekend, so its helping me create more layouts for this album. This one was inspired by the 'something bold' challenge. The green paper is a bit brighter in person.  

I also made this layout the other day that could go under this challenge, but that would be cheating. :p I'm going to share it anyway though...Kaylee is with a few characters at the Animal Kingdom park. The layout names everyone she met there.